52-Week Photo Challenge 2019
The challenge below is the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge by photographer Dale Foshe of Dogwood Photography. This popular challenge is in its four year, after successful runs in 20162017, and 2018 that tens of thousands of photographers around the world participated in.

Each week, the challenge rotates through three categories: 

taking a prompt and turning it into a photo story

Compositional Eye 
using rules of composition to train your eye 

using a simple inspiration as creatively as you can


Week 1. Self-Portrait

Jan 1 - 5
Take a picture that tells us who you are, without actually showing your face.

I stand alone by the sea, the sunset is behind my back, so you can't see my face.

Week 2. Rule of Thirds Motion

JAN 7 -13
You already know what the rule of thirds is, now is the time to use it. Use Rule of Thirds to show motion in your picture.​​​​​​​

An old man at the seaside looks far away from the gap between reading a book.

Week 3. Black and White

JAN 14 - 21
Your inspiration this week is to simply take an amazing Black and White photograph of any subject you want.

The company asked to wear a suit at the annual meeting.

Week 4. Warmth

JAN 28 - FEB 3
Tell a story that makes us feel warm inside.

In the meeting, I saw the sun shining through the window.

Week 5. Symmetry Landscape

FEB 4 - 10
Landscape is one of the most practiced type of photography. Use Symmetry in a Landscape to create a new viewpoint for this week's image.

A newly opened shopping mall.

Week 6. No Filter

FEB 11 - 17
No limit on what you shoot this week, as long as the image is pure. No filters, presets or other edits. Basic exposure corrections only this week.

My little nephew is playing mobile games.
Week 7. Love Story

FEB 18 - 24
Make us feel the love in this week's photo. Tell a love story in one image.

My little niece who just had a full moon clutched my finger with her little hand.

Week 8. Leading Lines

FEB 25 -  MAR 3
It is easy to use Leading Lines to show depth in an image or guide the eye to a specific spot in the image. Instead, this week use leading lines to show the concept of infinity.

I changed the light in the room to purple, and it formed a beautiful picture with the yellow sofa.

Week 9. Mood

MAR 4 - 11
Your Artistic Inspiration this week is the mood you are feeling today. Take that mood and use it to create art.

I was shaking my hand while I was waiting for the elevator, I feel embarrassed.

Week 10. Hometown​​​​​​​

MAR 11 -  MAR 17
Tell us the story of your hometown. It could be a famous landmark, something the town is known for, or even just your favorite place to relax.

The stall on the roadside of the hometown, the words above are well written.

Week 11. Fill the Frame

MAR 18 - 24
Using Fill the Frame is a great way to isolate your subject and create interest in your photo. Can you do it with only one color in the frame? Fill the Frame with one color.

When I turn the lights of the room into blue.

Week 13. New Beginnings

MAR 25 - 31
Our world is full of circular patterns; as some things end, others begin. Tell us a story of a New Beginning.

When I was raining, I looked at the building next door. Is this a new beginning, as if there is no end?

Week 12. Trash​​​​​​​

MAR 25 - 31
Trash is your inspiration. Tell a story or create something beautiful.

An abandoned building, looking at it in a desperate angle.
Week 14. Center Frame Portrait​​​​​​​

MAR 25 - 31
Center Framed composition is a great way to isolate your subject. Use this knowledge to create a portrait that exhibits loneliness.

In the rain, the beautiful girl dances on the piano.
Week 15. Anonymous

APR 1 - 7
This week's inspiration is Anonymous. Interpret this how you wish.

Black swan in the lake in the afternoon.
Week 16. Shadow

APR 1 - 7
Tell a story. Make it compelling while only using shadow.

Before the rainstorm, under the overpass.
Week 17. Balance

APR 8 - 14
Balanced composition is pretty straightforward, unless you are trying to shoot in the "Accidental Renaissance" style. So shoot a balanced image in the Accidental Renaissance style.

Standing in the middle of two buildings​​​​​​​.
Week 18. Weight or Mass

APR 15 - 21
Heavy as a stone, light as a feather. Find inspiration and shoot an amazing photograph.

I saw a building like a cobblestone​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.
Week 19. Aging

APR 22 - 28
Love it or hate it, aging is something we all experience. So tell us the story of Aging in a single photograph.

The trees under the roadside lights are gradually getting old​​​​​​​.
Week 20. Negative Space

APR 29 - MAY 5
Create a powerful landscape using Negative Space.

Look in the lantern​​​​​​​.
Week 21. Serenity

MAY 6 - MAY 12
What does Serenity mean to you?

Dim the lights​​​​​​​.

To be continue.
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