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Since 2007, I have been working on the design and implementation of various platforms, including Web-base applications, mobile applications, desktop software and games. Has good communication and understanding ability for ToB and ToG projects, and can actually design for customer's needs, and has practical experience in leading projects from communication with customers to project implementation. Multiple platform exposure to be able to understand the differences in user needs of various different platforms and shape the ability to tap into user needs. Understanding of the product can objectively balance the trade-off between practicality and visual appeal of the design. Long term participation in design related rules and regulations, good at developing the overall design style of the product and being able to unify the design language. Have good communication skills and be able to maintain efficient communication with other departmental staff. Good team management skills, good at sharing knowledge with team members, and able to ensure the consistency of the team and professional ability to improve together. Ability to move the project forward with an eye on the big picture and keep the project moving steadily.



Senior Designer|2018.1- 2021.3


Client solution architecture, design, project management and direction planning for Tencent Smart Platform industry.
Overall design language for Tencent Smart Display, including system, official website, etc.
Interaction and visual design of Tencent Dingdang Smart TV system, and partners to define requirements and provide product solutions to customers.
Uniform design and componentization of controls for all back-end systems of Tencent Smart Platform.
Design and delivery of Tencent Translator Pen project.
Software and hardware design and definition of Tencent Education Learning Screen.
Tencent Intelligent Platform industry backend design.
Tencent AI technology capability applets.


Tencent + WWF Where is the Amazing Snow Leopard

"Where is the Amazing Snow Leopard" is an app launched by WWF and Tencent Foundation on October 23, 2020, Snow Leopard Protection Day.
The app contains an encyclopedia of snow leopards, information on snow leopard conservation, and an interactive online snow leopard patrol. Through rich and interesting multimedia materials, users can better understand snow leopard knowledge and the efforts made by animal protection organizations; vivid interactions allow users to participate in snow leopard patrols and protection.

Tencent Smart Display

The second generation of Tencent Dingdang Smart Audio-Visual Screen is an upgraded version based on the first generation and Tencent's AI+voice capabilities. From hardware to software, it provides users with Tencent Dingdang's software and hardware service capabilities.

Tencent Smart TV

Tencent Dingdong Smart TV Assistant is a voice assistant built into the smart TV systems of our partner customers based on Tencent's AI+ voice capabilities. The project works closely with partner Skyworth, a leading Chinese TV manufacturer; it will be offered to other TV manufacturers it works with in the future.

Tencent Platform Design System

Tencent Backend Design System is a backend design component system framed to serve all businesses under the entire CSIG intelligent platform, containing four blocks of basic property values/components/usage documents/layout pages. The design system greatly improves backend design efficiency and supports multiple different business lines.

Poker Design Language

Poker is a design language system designed for Tencent's smart entertainment device series, serving smart screens, smart TVs, smart bracelets and other smart device systems. It is a set of intelligent, efficient and entertainment-rich design language system.


Design Director|14 Team Members|2017.1-2017.10


Responsible for the overall design management and unification of the company's comprehensive product lines, including WeChat platform, mobile QQ platform, WeChat applet, Gewara APP, Entertainment APP, Weiying Pro and commercial products and other platforms;
Design and unification of other business lines of the company, including movies, shows, contests and shopping malls, etc.
Develop and promote the implementation of the Group's unified design specifications to ensure a uniform experience and design for all business lines and platforms.
Guide and lead the team to improve the design expertise and communicate the latest design trends and tools.
Lead the team to explore the latest design trends and drive the product technology together to complete the innovative design of Gewala.
Drive by design, collaborate with the product to make comprehensive experience optimization adjustments to the WeChat platform to improve overall product efficiency and design unity.



Based on the WeChat wallet portal, it focuses on the two main features of discount and convenience, providing users with the most convenient online booking service for movie tickets, performance tickets, sports event tickets, derivatives sales, etc., as well as new ticketing services such as crowdfunding, chartering, group purchase, voucher redemption, and peripheral information such as movie reviews, ratings, trailers, stills, etc.


Gevara@Movie covers 300+ cities and 2,000 cinemas in prime shopping areas across China, enabling intelligent selection of "prime seats", reservation of popular movies, and recommendation of neighboring cinemas. 600 cinemas across China support mobile refunds, so you will never be afraid of buying at the wrong time. Check movie news and reviews, buy movie tickets, and make reservations for seats in the one-stop ticketing experience in Gwala@Movie APP.


Director|12 Team Members|2014.10-2016.12


Analyze patient needs and design mobile medical functions in a targeted manner.
Optimize hospital information workflow and provide management and monitoring background.
Analyze the structure and difference of multi-terminal products, provide multi-terminal product structure, and ensure project guidance and optimal scenario service for APP, WEB and WeChat products.
Determine functional priorities. Develop project schedule.
Communicate and coordinate with partners to share information and resources.
Design the core of product interactions and visuals.
Manage and drive the success of the design and product teams.



We use Internet technology to connect directly with medical institutions, build and operate and maintain intelligent settlement platforms for local health care commissions and hospitals, so that health insurance users can make claims on their cell phones after seeing a doctor.

Leyi App

Mobile appointments, waiting lists, payments and reimbursements




Analyze similar products and understand the functional design purpose of similar products.
Identify the core functions and operation cycle of the product and design the product architecture with this in mind.
define the unified and common structure of the architectural patterns and make them understand the main chucking patterns and the common features of the chucking patterns before the front end and design starts to ensure the project can proceed quickly.
set up the overall framework and the evolution of the overall design in version iterations.
create and maintain a library of design rules and design elements. 6.
Align and leverage team resources for rapid product development.
Responsible for project schedule, project management and project resource management.
Complete standard designs for online and physical brochures.
Multi-platform concurrently, with outsourcing staff for requirement provision and quality supervision.
Responsible for the overall design of the project application and the branding of the project.



A photography sharing website service based on user behavior judgment sorting


North American Student Party Application


Fast auto-layout photo book printing and selling application


UX Designer|2011.3-2012.3


Generic module and style maintenance is responsible for part of the module design and style maintenance of the project level China regional design team to ensure that the development team can understand the consistency of the project design and the common use of design resources.
Maintain the overall design language uniformity of the design team.
Resolve globalization and font color usability issues.
Work with the development team to address browser compatibility issues.
Work with the development team on browser compatibility issues.


Microsoft Healthcare

Microsoft Healthcare was a web-based personal health record created by Microsoft, in October 2007, to store and maintain health and fitness information. This website was for use by both individuals and healthcare professionals, and in June 2010, it expanded its services beyond the United States to include the United Kingdom.

Microsoft Metro Design

This design language is focused on typography and simplified icons, absence of clutter, increased content to chrome ratio ("content before chrome"), and basic geometric shapes. Early examples of MDL principles can be found in Encarta 95 and MSN 2.0 The design language evolved in Windows Media Center and Zune and was formally introduced as Metro during the unveiling of Windows Phone 7. It has since been incorporated into several of the company's other products, including the Xbox 360 system software and the Xbox One system software, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and


UI Designer|2009.6-2011.3


Responsible for the interface and interaction design of massively multiplayer online role-playing games.
Develop and unify all design specifications with the interaction team.
Organize and develop documentation specifications for the entire project.
Work with the operations team to handle the required design and overall design consistency for the website, events, etc.


DG Online

Wuxia arts theme of 3d massively multiplayer online network game


UI Designer|2007.7-2009.6


Game icon.
Game official website.
Game login and registration part design.
The overall design of the game on The Road of the King.
Game elements, game interface, and the overall effect with the website.
The game operation screen.


The Road of the King

Web-base multiplayer online strategy game

Shanhai Online

A 3D massively multiplayer online game based on ancient Chinese mythology

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